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    Soul Purpose - Vedic Astrology Course (40% OFF)

    Unlock the wisdom of Vedic astrology! Embark on a transformative journey with our online course series:
    🌟 Understanding Astrology Beyond the Sun Sign
    🔍 Decoding Your Vedic Astrology Birth Chart
    🌌 Reveal Your Gifts, Challenges, and Life Purpose
    💼 Create Personal Growth, Financial Prosperity, and Harmonious Relationships
    🗓️ Plan Your Future in Cosmic Harmony


    NORMAL PRICE: Rp 1.​​999.000
    NOW: Rp 1.199.000
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    Gut Reset Glow Membership - Holistic Home Detox (40% OFF)

    Want to get your health back? Join our GUT RESET program. A 7-day holistic home detox program for gut health, clearer skin, calm mind, balanced weight, stronger immunity and sustained energy.
    NORMAL PRICE: Rp 599.000
    NOW: Rp 359.400
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    Self Love with Ayurveda Online Course (40% OFF)

    Embark on a journey to unveil your radiance through the 5 Ayurvedic pillars for inner and outer beauty. Discover the essence of Ayurveda, nurturing beauty from within:
    🌟 Prioritize Mental and Emotional Well-being
    🍎 Discover Your Ideal Diet
    🕰️ Sync with Your Biological Clock
    🌌 Find Your Life Purpose
    🌿 Cultivate Perfect Digestion


    NORMAL PRICE: Rp 199.000
    NOW: Rp 119.400
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    Holistic Skincare Online Course (40% OFF)

    Are persistent skin issues holding you back? This online course is your key to holistic skin health! Discover the secrets within:
    🌺 Know Your Ayurvedic Skin Type
    💖 Uncover Emotional Impact on Skin Health
    🥗 Nourish Your Skin from Within (Diet & Gut Health)
    🌸 Craft Your Ayurvedic Skincare Routine
    NORMAL PRICE: Rp 399.000
    NOW: Rp 239.400
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    Vedic Astrology Handbook (40% OFF)

    This compilation is not your usual Vedic astrology book; it's more like an instruction manual, offering a 9 essential step-by-step guide to reading any birth chart. Synthesizing wisdom from various sources, including insightful classes conducted by seasoned astrologers, the handbook unfolds cosmic mysteries with unprecedented clarity.


    NORMAL PRICE: Rp 249.000
    NOW: Rp 149.400
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    Soul Blueprint - Vedic Astrology Reading via Zoom (30% OFF)

    What you'll get from an astrology reading with me?
    1. Understanding your gifts, goals, and your life's purpose
    2. Your current life events and lessons, and where to best put your energy and action
    3. Your karmic destiny, what you came here to learn, and what's needed to break through the barriers to find your own personal bliss
    4. Video recording of your astrology reading.


    NORMAL PRICE: Rp 1.500.000
    NOW: Rp 1.050.000
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    Ayuritual - Ayurvedic Products (20% OFF)

    We collaborate with world-class health experts, bringing you products to support your journey to holistic health & beauty.