• Who is Zia?

    And how can she help you to be your healthiest and have more freedom in life?

  • My Upbringing

    My upbringing was anything but conventional. I was born and raised in Bandung, West Java (Indonesia). My late mother was a religious leader in our community, while my father, a shaman, healed people from non-physical ailments.
    Therefore, since I was little, spirituality and metaphysics have been two of the most significant influences in my life.

  • My mother has been a huge role model for me. Not only in her role as a teacher but how she always made the unachievable to be possible.

    It took a long time to finally embrace the gift passed down to me from my father's lineage.

  • Health issues have also been another area that stirred me in the direction I'm facing today. I've been underweight since childhood and have had continuous battles with bronchitis and food intolerances. One of the most challenging conditions I've dealt with has been scoliosis.

  • The first x-ray result of my spine back in 2009. It had already reached a 35-degree curvature.





  • Challenging Health Imbalance

    Due to this imbalance, sitting straight for more than 10 minutes was uncomfortable as my spine would start to hurt. The doctors' diagnosis and advice didn't help to build my positivity either. They said that the curvature would increase each year, and the pain would only worsen. That also meant that I'd get shorter as time went by due to gravity.
    The two 'cures' that the doctor recommended for me were to wear a spinal brace and surgery (once the curvature reached 40 degrees). Neither was an option for me, as I couldn't afford them.

  • And example of a scoliosis brace.

    The metal rod along the spine to fix scoliosis.

  • For years, I lost hope and questioned the point of living if my health would only get worse with time. Limited access to health experts & information, as well as the financial challenge I faced, became the catalyst for my own healing and work today.





  • The Turning Point

    Instead of relying on allopathic medicine, I sought a more holistic and less risky alternative to healing. This intention led me to live in Bali for seven years and Thailand for two years, where I learned various healing modalities. I also travelled extensively to other countries to continuously expand my knowledge.
    Ayurveda and its sister science, Vedic astrology, are the two primary modalities I use to support my health & wellness (which I now practise with my clients and students). While Ayurveda is the science that can support people in becoming their healthiest, Vedic astrology is the light that can guide people to live their life purpose.
    Besides these two modalities, I'm also a certified yoga therapist, trained in Qi Gong, dance therapy, and other forms of bodywork.

  • Back in 2010 (left), and after applying the principles of Ayurveda (right), on weight loss and diet for my body type.

    I never knew that my diet & lifestyle could give a tremendous effect to my acne. No make-up or digital edit on the right photos.

    Five years transformation of my spine. No digital edit or manipulation done to these photos.


  • My Offering for You

    I always thought that there must be a greater purpose for my life. I don't think I was born to merely follow the typical path of going to school, getting a job, getting married, having kids, and dying.
    For years I wondered why I was born into my family, with its ways of upbringing and values. I didn't choose to be a citizen of a developing country, and yet now I get to travel the world, an experience of which many Indonesians can only dream.
    I also know that there are many people out there who might not be as lucky as I am — to receive the right support system for my healing process.
    Which is why I've found my calling.
    Through my work, I'd like to share with you the secrets and tools that have changed and improved my life tremendously. The combination of timeless wisdom and modern knowledge, that I learned from many great teachers around the world, has shifted my life to a state I never thought was possible.
    In short, my role here is to share what I have received with you. Connecting you with wisdom that not many people have access to, and making it even more applicable in this busy, modern living.
    After all, what makes life meaningful is our ability to share with others.
    I hope to share more with you,

  • The lovely souls who came to my very first Ayurvedic Beauty workshop in 2016, in Bandung - Indonesia.

    Group photo at the end of my very first Soul Purpose workshop in 2016, in Jakarta - Indonesia.

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